The ABC’s of Good Health: A Simple But Powerful Way of Staying Healthy

What are the ABC’s of good health? Read this article to learn the simple, but very effective way of staying healthy no matter you are.
The ABC’s of Good Health

Ever wondered, “What are the ABC’s of good health?” Or, have you at any time asked questions like, “how do I stay healthy?”

You have, right? Then this article is for you. In the next few minutes you will discover a simple, but very effective way of staying healthy no matter you are.

In the recent past, staying healthy has become a big concern to all of us. With a longer life expectancy, compared to our forebears, people have become more vigilant in thinking about and improving the lives of humans.

In this bid to improve our lives, we have come up with numerous mnemonics and acronyms to help us have a guide on how to stay healthy. One of these acronyms that have become very popular today is the ABC’s of staying healthy.

Benefits of the ABC System

One of the biggest benefit of the ABC system of healthy living is in its simplicity. It reminds us of the letters of the alphabet. Something that every one of us learned at an early age and which has become part of us through the years.

But beyond its simplicity, the biggest benefit is its effectiveness. Over the years people who have implemented the ABC’s of good health have find it to be an effective way of staying healthy.

What Are the ABC’s of Good Health?

  1. Abstinence

The “A” in the acronym ABC’s of good health, stands for abstinence.

Of course, when most hear this for the first time they always thing that this is the same as the ABC tip for responsible sex. While the keywords used in the ABC’s of staying healthy are similar except for the last one, the ideas are completely in a different context as this would specifically target more of a person’s lifestyle in everyday living.

When we talk about abstinence as it relates to our overall health, we are concerned here about you saying no to the things that would not make you healthy in the process. The idea here is to be extremely picky. Unless that activity or choice will in one way or the other contribute to your good health, you simply need to stay away from it.

In practicing abstinence, you will need a high level of discipline. Without the discipline to know when to say no, it would prove difficult to stay away from the things that people have learned to love.

ABC’s of Staying Healthy

2. Be Faithful

The “B” stands for “Be Faithful”. This means that you should be able to hold out and maintain focus on your objective of staying healthy.

Of course, this does not mean that you should totally become a no-nonsense robot. You may be lenient on yourself, from time to time. But then again, that does not mean you have to bend the rules because of just any reason. Doing so may develop into a nasty habit of having an excuse for every single choice that should have been for staying healthy.

3. Calisthenics

Calisthenics or exercise is and has always been part of any healthy program designed for those who want to stay healthy. Calisthenics does not necessarily mean the rigorous training that one sees in advertisements and magazines. Those are for bodybuilders who would want to reshape their bodies into hard sculptured specimens of humanity.

Calisthenics are simple activities which would allow one’s self to move about and permit the proper flow of blood to the different parts of the body for optimal oxygenation of the cells.

Calisthenics should be done every day for at least thirty to forty-five minutes which includes mainly aerobic exercise. Not only does daily calisthenics improve the cardiovascular flow of the body, it also adds up to the amount of calories to be burned for the day to maintain the desired body weight and fitness level.

ABC’s of good health - Calisthenics


The ABC’s of good health is a very elementary concept for anyone to grasp, especially those who are looking for ways of staying healthy or who want to maintain an already good one. It is a personal choice as it is a personal endeavor.

Remember that the success of the ABC’s of good health lies on the amount of effort that you put in each letter of this simple mnemonic. So, determine to put in your effort to make it work for you.

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